Masato Nezu

Executive Chef, Sushi Murasaki


Born and raised in Yohohama, Japan, Masato grew up watching and admiring his father – a distinguished sushi chef – in their family’s sushi restaurant. Using this as inspiration for his own career, he trained to become a sushi chef in Japan for ten years before moving to the UK. A further ten years of experience included setting up a new sushi restaurant in London, and working in some of the most prestigious restaurants specialising in sushi, including Mitsukoshi and Nobu.

As a sushi chef, Masato believes that a firm attitude toward serving fresh, quality, and seasonal seafood and hospitality to each of the customers at all times is critical for success. He takes care to watch and talk to customers carefully through the counter and serve the most suitable dishes for each of them.

When asked how he comes up with new sushi ideas, he says with a smile, “I hit on great ideas having an ordinary life. I might think about them at all times unconsciously.”

“I’m proud of serving beautiful dishes with seasonal ingredients at reasonable prices. As a head chef, I’m so excited about displaying my creativity based on my original concept. I look forward to seeing you at Murasaki!”